Analogue Productions [Discography]

LabelCatalog NºYearFormatArtistTitleNotes
Analogue ProductionsAJAZ 94332002180 Gram 2-LPAdderley, Cannonball with Evans, BillKnow What I Mean?45RPM
Analogue ProductionsAJAZ 71460180 Gram 2-LPAmmons, GeneBlue Gene45RPM
Analogue ProductionsAJAZ 71802002180 Gram 2-LPAmmons, GeneBoss Tenor45RPM
Analogue ProductionsAJAZ 11352002180 Gram 2-LPBaker, ChetChet45RPM
Analogue ProductionsAJAZ 2310-9012002180 Gram 2-LPBasie, Count88 Basie Street45RPM
Analogue ProductionsAJAZ 2310-8962002180 Gram 2-LPBasie, Count and Peterson, OscarCount Basie Meets Oscar Peterson - The Time Keepers45RPM
Analogue ProductionsAJAZ 2310-8780180 Gram 2-LPBasie, Count and the Kansas City ThreeFor The Second Time45RPM
Analogue ProductionsAJAZ 82760180 Gram 2-LPBurrell, Kenny and Coltrane, JohnKenny Burrell and John Coltrane45RPM
Analogue ProductionsAJAZ 71880180 Gram 2-LPColtrane, JohnLush Life45RPM
Analogue ProductionsAJAZ 72130180 Gram 2-LPColtrane, JohnSettin' The Pace45RPM
Analogue ProductionsAJAZ 71422002180 Gram 2-LPColtrane, JohnSoultrane45RPM
Analogue ProductionsAAPP CCR70180 Gram 8-record box setCreedence Clearwater RevivalAbsolute OriginalsThis is the box with the 33RPM full albu(..more..)
Analogue ProductionsAAPP CCR7-450180 Gram 7-record box set (45 RPM)Creedence Clearwater RevivalAbsolute OriginalsThis is the box of the "Best Of" 45RPM v(..more..)
Analogue ProductionsCAPP CCR7 SA20048-Hybrid SACD box setCreedence Clearwater RevivalAbsolute OriginalsIncludes Fantasy SACD of "In Concert" wh(..more..)
Analogue ProductionsAPP 83870180 Gram LPCreedence Clearwater RevivalBayou Country
Analogue ProductionsCAPP 8387 SA2002Hybrid SACDCreedence Clearwater RevivalBayou CountryMade in Germany
Analogue ProductionsAPP 84020180 Gram LPCreedence Clearwater RevivalCosmo's Factory
Analogue ProductionsCAPP 8402 SA2002Hybrid SACDCreedence Clearwater RevivalCosmo's FactoryMade in Germany
Analogue ProductionsAPP 83820180 Gram LPCreedence Clearwater RevivalCreedence Clearwater Revival
Analogue ProductionsCAPP 8382 SA2002Hybrid SACDCreedence Clearwater RevivalCreedence Clearwater RevivalMade in Germany
Analogue ProductionsAPP 83930180 Gram LPCreedence Clearwater RevivalGreen River
Analogue ProductionsCAPP 8393 SA2002Hybrid SACDCreedence Clearwater RevivalGreen RiverMade in Germany
Analogue ProductionsAPP 94040180 Gram LPCreedence Clearwater RevivalMardi Gras
Analogue ProductionsCAPP 9404 SA2003Hybrid SACDCreedence Clearwater RevivalMardi GrasMade in Germany
Analogue ProductionsAPP 84100180 Gram LPCreedence Clearwater RevivalPendulum
Analogue ProductionsCAPP 8410 SA2003Hybrid SACDCreedence Clearwater RevivalPendulumMade in Germany
Analogue ProductionsAPP 8387-450180 Gram VinylCreedence Clearwater RevivalThe Best Songs from Bayou Country45RPM (5 songs)
Analogue ProductionsAPP 8402-450180 Gram VinylCreedence Clearwater RevivalThe Best Songs from Cosmo's Factory45RPM (3 songs)
Analogue ProductionsAPP 8382-450180 Gram VinylCreedence Clearwater RevivalThe Best Songs from Creedence Clearwater Revival45RPM (2 songs)
Analogue ProductionsAPP 8393-450180 Gram VinylCreedence Clearwater RevivalThe Best Songs from Green River45RPM (4 songs)
Analogue ProductionsAPP 9404-450180 Gram VinylCreedence Clearwater RevivalThe Best Songs from Mardi Gras45RPM (2 songs)
Analogue ProductionsAPP 8410-450180 Gram VinylCreedence Clearwater RevivalThe Best Songs from Pendelum45RPM (2 songs)
Analogue ProductionsAPP 8397-450180 Gram VinylCreedence Clearwater RevivalThe Best Songs from Willy and the Poorboys45RPM (6 songs)
Analogue ProductionsAPP 83970180 Gram LPCreedence Clearwater RevivalWilly and the Poorboys
Analogue ProductionsCAPP 8397 SA2002Hybrid SACDCreedence Clearwater RevivalWilly and the PoorboysMade in Germany
Analogue ProductionsAJAZ 71092002180 Gram 2-LPDavis, MilesBags' Groove45RPM
Analogue ProductionsAJAZ 70942002180 Gram 2-LPDavis, MilesCookin'45RPM
Analogue ProductionsAJAZ 71292002180 Gram 2-LPDavis, MilesRelaxin'45RPM
Analogue ProductionsAJAZ 72000180 Gram 2-LPDavis, MilesSteamin'45RPM
Analogue ProductionsAJAZ 70140180 Gram 2-LPDavis, MilesThe New Miles Davis Quintet45RPM
Analogue ProductionsAJAZ 10032002180 Gram 2-LPDixon, Willie and Memphis SlimWillie's Blues45RPM
Analogue ProductionsAJAZ 82250180 Gram 2-LPDurham, KennyQuiet Kenny45RPM
Analogue ProductionsAJAZ 2310-7032002180 Gram 2-LPEllington, DukeDuke's Big 445RPM
Analogue ProductionsAJAZ 2310-7210180 Gram 2-LPEllington, Duke and Brown, RayThis One's For Blanton45RPM
Analogue ProductionsAJAZ 11290180 Gram 2-LPEvans, Bill (Bill Evans Trio)Everybody Digs Bill Evans45RPM
Analogue ProductionsAJAZ 93510180 Gram 2-LPEvans, Bill (Bill Evans Trio)Explorations45RPM
Analogue ProductionsAJAZ 94282002180 Gram 2-LPEvans, Bill (Bill Evans Trio)Moonbeams45RPM
Analogue ProductionsAJAZ 11620180 Gram 2-LPEvans, Bill (Bill Evans Trio)Portrait In Jazz45RPM
Analogue ProductionsAJAZ 93762002180 Gram 2-LPEvans, Bill (Bill Evans Trio)Sunday at the Village Vanguard45RPM
Analogue ProductionsAJAZ 93992002180 Gram 2-LPEvans, Bill (Bill Evans Trio)Waltz for Debby45RPM
Analogue ProductionsAJAZ 2310-7020180 Gram 2-LPFitzgerald, Ella and Pass, JoeTake Love Easy45RPM
Analogue ProductionsAJAZ 94200180 Gram 2-LPGriffin, JohnnyThe Kerry Dancers and Other Swinging Folk45RPM
Analogue ProductionsAJAZ 80890180 Gram 2-LPGuaraldi, Vince (The Vince Guaraldi Trio)Jazz Impressions of Black Orpheus45RPM
Analogue ProductionsAJAZ 20162002180 Gram 2-LPHawkins, ColemanNight Hawk45RPM
Analogue ProductionsAAPP 88002-450180 Gram VinylHayes, IsaacHits from "Shaft"45RPM (3 tracks)
Analogue ProductionsAJAZ 12-3210180 Gram 2-LPHooker, John LeeThat's My Story45RPM
Analogue ProductionsAJAZ 10730180 Gram 2-LPHopkins, Lightnin'Goin' Away45RPM
Analogue ProductionsAJAZ 10292002180 Gram 2-LPHopkins, Lightnin' and Terry, SonnyLast Night Blues45RPM
Analogue ProductionsAJAZ 94070180 Gram 2-LPJackson, Milt and Montgomery, WesBags Meets Wes!45RPM
Analogue ProductionsAJAZ 93360180 Gram 2-LPMitchell, BlueBlue's Moods45RPM
Analogue ProductionsAJAZ 12-2262002180 Gram 2-LPMonk, TheloniousBrilliant Corners45RPM
Analogue ProductionsAJAZ 11020180 Gram 2-LPMonk, TheloniousMonk's Music45RPM
Analogue ProductionsAJAZ 11900180 Gram 2-LPMonk, TheloniousThelonious in Action45RPM
Analogue ProductionsAJAZ 0462002180 Gram 2-LPMonk, Thelonious and Coltrane, JohnThelonious Monk and John Coltrane45RPM
Analogue ProductionsAJAZ 93620180 Gram 2-LPMontgomery Brothers, TheGroove Yard45RPM
Analogue ProductionsAJAZ 94342002180 Gram 2-LPMontgomery, WesFull House45RPM
Analogue ProductionsAJAZ 11060180 Gram 2-LPMulligan, Gerry and Monk, TheloniousMulligan Meets Monk45RPM
Analogue ProductionsAJAZ 75680180 Gram 2-LPPepper, ArtArt Pepper + Eleven45RPM
Analogue ProductionsAJAZ 75322002180 Gram 2-LPPepper, ArtMeets the Rhythm Section45RPM
Analogue ProductionsCAPR 30120Hybrid SACDPepper, ArtNew York AlbumSame packaging as standard CD version.
Analogue ProductionsCAPR 30130Hybrid SACDPepper, ArtSo In LoveSame packaging as standard CD version.
Analogue ProductionsCAPR 30140Hybrid SACDPepper, ArtThe Intimate Art PepperSame packaging as standard CD version.
Analogue ProductionsAJAZ 70380180 Gram 2-LPRollins, SonnyPlus 445RPM
Analogue ProductionsAAPJ 2910180 Gram LPRollins, SonnySaxophone ColossusUses same stampers as DCC edition.
Analogue ProductionsAJAZ 70792002180 Gram 2-LPRollins, SonnySaxophone Colossus45RPM
Analogue ProductionsAJAZ 75640180 Gram 2-LPRollins, SonnySonny Rollins and the Contemporary Leaders45RPM
Analogue ProductionsAAPJ 1240180 Gram LPRollins, SonnyTenor MadnessUses same stampers as DCC edition.
Analogue ProductionsAJAZ 70472002180 Gram 2-LPRollins, SonnyTenor Madness45RPM
Analogue ProductionsAJAZ 75302002180 Gram 2-LPRollins, SonnyWay Out West45RPM
Analogue ProductionsAAPP 4116-450180 Gram VinylStaples Singers, TheHit Singles45RPM (2 tracks)
Analogue ProductionsAJAZ 76462002180 Gram 2-LPWebster, BenAt The Renaissance45RPM